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. Although our products look and feel just like natural stone, they’re lighter, more durable, and more versatile! They’ve also been specifically engineered by one of the world’s leading concrete chemists to withstand year-round outdoor exposure in virtually every climate region.

With Outdoor Kitchens Houston’s products and technology, your friends, neighbors, and guests won’t be able to tell the difference—but you certainly will! You’ll enjoy the luxurious and sophisticated look of real stone tiles, only with far less installation and maintenance hassle.

The Outdoor Kitchen Houston Difference!

Nationwide, homeowners are choosing Outdoor Kitchen over other traditional methods.
We have a method that makes outdoor living simple and affordable for homeowners, without compromising the durability and the natural aesthetics of real stone




CONSTRUCTION AREA Existing footing and level surface required. Natural stone can destroy existing pool structures No footing needed, leveled to surface pitch, and safe for pool edges
DURABILITY Natural and veneer stone can shift, sink, and detach over time Engineered for the outdoors, resistant to the harshest weather, will never shift
CONSTRUCTION TIME Several weeks, or even months 1-2 Day installation with simple process and minimal equipment
AFFORDABILITY Expensive materials, machinery, and labor costs Fraction of the cost of natural stone
CUSTOMIZATION Limited customization options, if any Ability to customize shapes, sizes, colors and layout of any boulder or rock based features

Manufactured/Natural Stone Veneer

Precast with real stone, ledges, and cliff panel imprints

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